Monday, September 30, 2013

Vengeance in the Valley Opens October 11

As autumn squeezes the final drops of life from summer, the evil lurking within the Gaines Farm emerges to exact revenge upon the living! Join us, on Friday and Saturday evenings, starting October 11 and ending October 26, between the hours of 6:30PM and 10:00PM, and brave the demons and ghouls that stalk the Gaines farm night.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

a-MAZE-ing Fun Begins Saturday.

Seems like summer shouldn't end so soon.  However, "fall" is a beautiful time of year in Vermont.  It won't be long until the trees will let us see a whole new canvas of beauty.  With the cooler weather we welcome our farm visitors once again to our farm.  The smiles, old and new memories and stories we hear sure energizes our souls to know just how fortunate we are to "live life on a farm". Your reminders and comments help us appreciate the love of what we do even more than usual.  

Our Corn Maze this year features The Wizzard of Oz. You will even begin by walking along the yellow brick road for a bit.  The paths you navigate will embrace you with memories and splendor long after you are here.  As our cornfield experience surrounds you, out of what seems like nowhere, you will discover Emeralds City and climb up its staircase to look out over the corn tops into our "Beautiful Valley." There are new and exciting  game signage and questions to tap your memory a bit to help you decide (just as Dorothy, the Lion, the Tin Man and Scarecrow themselves had to) which way do I turn to find what they needed! Our farm animals will enjoy your visits as much as our visitors enjoy seeing them. Farmer Bob is looking forward to take you out to his field so you can help him with feeding his cattle. Don't forget your cameras to bring home wonderful memories long after you leave. Can't wait to see you!