Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ezrah & Mozes

When Ezrah was 4-years-old, he really wanted a puppy. His mother, Keita, cut him a deal: "On your tenth birthday, if you still want a puppy, you, young man, shall have a puppy."

Undeterred by the notion of having to wait 2-and-a-half times his current age, Ezrah started counting the days, crossing them off his mental calender on the steady march toward his 10th birthday and the perfect fuzzball puppy. He did this 2,190 times, until January 13th, when he reached zero and was finally introduced to his new best friend, Mozes, The Mozy Bear!

Mozes was born on the Gaines Farm, but today, along with all his brothers and sisters, has gone home with his new lovely and perfect family.