Monday, February 13, 2012

Puppy Pontifications #3

Time is flying by, it seems.  We are already into our third week of life as a puppy and "wow" things are changing very quickly. No longer are we unable to hear and our eyes have completely opened. We resemble a big dog in a small form. We twitch and seem to dream as we sleep.  Sometimes we like to nap on our backs or our sides.  It's a big decision.

And not much gets past us when we  focus upon our surroundings. During our wakening minutes, brief though they may be, we certainly take in everything. We greet our Momma with happy squeals of delight as she nuzzles us so gently. She seems to sense her maturing creations. Mamma is proud. She watches as we push one another while nursing. I swear she sometimes smiles while laying ever so patiently, and carefully cleaning us with her warm tongue. Eagerly we tour our new "pen"; the new digs, as it were. Our whelping box has been put away for a future litter of whelpers.

We are sure happy to check out the new surfaces. It's been exclusively felt since birth. There is still a soft surface to lay on in the same general area as our baby bed.

Curiosity is part of our day; investigation and learning about this new world. It takes all our time, and as we bob our heavy heads, doing our best to balance as we move our legs in a walking motion, away we go!  Across, around and circling. Sometimes we crash and burn. We look like young sailors on their first ride on a rough sea upon their vessel.  Although our wooden plank deck is not moving beneath our strides, we have a bit of difficulty steering our bodies towards our new missions.

There is also newsprint called paper on the floor. It's in a nice private area and we've discovered it's in a great place to drop a deuce. Good old #2.

Ah-ha, we seem to say as we bump into another mouth or leg as we come to a stop, the barricade meeting our curious nose with much conviction.

We have begun to open our mouths to investigate the new objects we find called toys. Sometimes we encounter a litter mate and begin to play mouth jousting. We need more practice.

Our human friends are fascinated more than ever with the big changes they observe. One thing we hear mentioned is ,"puppy food."  This sounds interesting to our newly opened ears. We are very curious and open to whatever comes. Even this "puppy food," of which you speak. Big changes underway.